Monday, June 18, 2012

Focus on the path you Want to take rather than the stone that is in the road. Janece Moore

I am a beginner dirt bike rider, my husband got me my first bike last year 2011, I had only rode a dirt bike twice before I got my own. I am now 36 years old and I sometimes wonder if I "should" be riding a motorcycle, (am I too old to just be starting)? 

Since I started riding, my husband has taught me everything he knows, (having rode dirt bikes since he was a kid) and the one thing  that he says that sticks out in my head most is: "If you are cruising down a trail and there's a big rock in the way DO NOT look at the rock, because if you LOOK at the rock you will hit it. Instead look at the place in the trail where you want the tire to go." 

Well the last couple weekends, we have gone camping with the dirt bikes. While riding (nervously) down the trails I have had to constantly tell myself; don't hit that rock, don't look at that rock... I finally had an epiphany last weekend while we were flying down a trail. "PICK A LINE!!" Instead of focus on the rock, I need to focus on my path that I want to take. And miraculously my riding instantly was better, and wonderfully I was more comfortable on the trails.

The thing I Love about this, and the reason I wanted to post this in my blog is that it is a great metaphor for all of life as well. If you have big rocks and/or obstacles in your life path, focus on the road you want to take instead of the obstacle. It brings into perspective what needs to be done, instead of paralyzing you to what is in the way. 

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