Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Alexa at 1 Year Old

 Angel Lullaby

From My Turn on Earth

You came from a land where all is light 
to a world half day and a world half night. 
To guide you by day, you have my love, 
To guard you by night, your friends above. 

So sleep, sleep, till the darkness ends, 
guarded by your angel friends. 
So sleep, sleep, till the darkness ends, 
guarded by your angel friends. 

There's one stands softly by your bed 
and another sits close with a hand on your head. 
There's one at the window watching for the dawn, 
and one waits to wake you when the night is gone.

Eleven years ago, my dream girl came into my life. She has been a joy and at times a heartache.  From day one I have sang this song to my beautiful daughter. It brings me great joy to share this with you. I Love you Lexa!


As I Watch You Grow

© Kay Theese
Do you know how much you mean to me?
As you grow into what you will be.
You came from within, from just beneath my heart
it's there you'll always be though your own life will now start.
You're growing so fast it sends me awhirl, 
With misty eyes I ask, Where's my little girl?
I know sometimes to you I seem harsh and so unfair, 
But one day you will see, I taught you well because I care.
The next few years will so quickly fly, 
With laughter and joy, mixed with a few tears to cry.
As you begin your growth to womanhood, this fact you must know, 
You'll always be my source of pride, no matter where you go.
You must stand up tall and proud, within you feel no fear, 
For all you dreams and goals, sit before you very near.
With god's love in your heart and the world by its tail, 
You'll always be my winner, and victory will prevail.
For you this poem was written, with help from above, 
To tell you in a rhythm of your Mother's heartfelt Love!



  1. Oh poo, you made me cry. I love you so, my niecem I love you so. What a wonderful mommy you are.

    1. Why Thank you my sweet Auntie! I am glad you likey!