Wednesday, April 17, 2013

So Close Yet So Far Away...

What a Summer (Sheep Creek) Part 3

One of my favorite things about hiking is walking into the "unknown" with mother nature as my guardian. When I was a kid I loved being enclosed in small secret spaces looking out, it made me feel sheltered and protected, and has manifested into my Love of Nature today. After the fateful Alaska Basin fail, we kept on hiking, building muscle and stamina. The above picture is from our hike up Sheep Creek which is a 3000 foot elevation gain in I think 5 miles. Oh mama, it was grueling!!

Another hike of our dreams that my dad has told us about for years has been to go to Waterfall Canyon, which from the above picture you can see was only a mile away, but after climbing 3000 feet, the trail drops into Waterfall Canyon that entire mile. I was not sure I'd be able to make it back up and out if we got all the way down in. The below picture is the view west down into Waterfall Canyon. There were some deer about 400 yards away just grazing having a beautiful day.

The picture below shows the view to the east towards the Snake River and Swan Valley. This is where we came from, straight up the mountain, you can see a sliver of the river if you look close.

All in all a Fabulously demanding day hiking, but yet again a trail fail. We didn't hit our goal of Waterfall Canyon. Yet....