Monday, August 20, 2012


On August 5th 2012 I lost one of the most important people in my life. My father J.D. Ritchie died at 81. It really wasn't supposed to be him that left the earth, there are so many here that "should" have gone first. But maybe it was his sacrifice for us, I don't know. Maybe he had work that needed done elsewhere, I don't know. I am a believer that he has gone on, he basically walked through a door, and now he can see me, but I can't see him. So why am I so bothered by him being gone, when logically I can speak more truth to him now. 

I can see him dancing in his new found health, I can feel his joy and freedom at not having to be burdened by sickness any longer. I am sure he is now enlightening others with his jovial attitude, and facetious comments. While laughing at all our silly earth laden antics, and trivial predicaments. So why, if I can visualize his happiness and feel him smiling down, am I so disheartened by his death.

I have been so jumbled up (mentally) since dad died, I've had a hard time connecting to my inner source, I feel like my mind is turned on overdrive.. At the same time I know and understand that I am in need of a shift (mentally). So I guess that is why I decided to sit and write tonight, to maybe get some of this crap out of my head so I can feel more like I am on a path rather than being spread out like a mile wide river that is only an inch deep traveling through Death Valley and getting sucked up by the atmosphere. (Lol, every time I read that, it makes me laugh. What a great analogy!) 

And amazingly enough, I have nothing else to say. I feel better, I am smiling, I am grateful and proud to be the youngest daughter of Jabez Dean Ritchie!

I Love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck!

So, I guess my inspiration for tonight is... GET IT OUT!!