Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What are Limitations?

 What are Limitations?

This morning Alexa came to me and said "Mom! I am wearing pink and black boots, black pants, a black polo, pink and black suspenders, and a pink and black jacket! With a pink hair feather!"

I told her "Alexa you look Amazing!! Can I take a pic??"

Well this got me thinking.... She goes to a school where they have a strict dress code, (solid color polos and basic plain colored pants) and within this code, she is still able to be her own beautiful individual!! 

So here is my "Life Lesson" on this experience today. She is limited to what she can wear, but within that limitation she was able to extract her own personality out. How many times in life do we "perceive" something as a limitation? But if we were to accept this supposed limitation, and detach ourselves from it, then we are able to bring forth a new perspective and 
accept "what is" and actually be so much happier than before the limitation was in our consciousness!!

Thank you Alexa for today's insight! 
I Love you so much!


  1. I love you both so much!! What a great mother daughter inspired thought!! You are my Sweeties!1