Thursday, March 14, 2013

Is it all Mumbo Jumbo?

It is amazing to me how the Universe works. I have been getting down on myself lately, questioning why I post so much "positive", "new age", "enlightening", mumbo jumbo on Facebook. While at the same time questioning whether people are thinking I've gone off the deep end and gone Wacko Jacko! To set everyone straight, I have been studying Quantum Physics, Spirituality, and ANYTHING related. To me this shit is AMAZING, my only regretful notion about all this inspiration is the fact that I hardly ever get to talk to anyone about this fun and exciting way of looking at life. In fact I could help people with what I know, I am sure of it!

The transformations that have occurred in my life since I started my "Journey into Inspiration" are immeasurable! My husband and I get along so much better, we still get mad at each other, but we don't put each other down like we used to. Like this morning, I was putting my homemade (chemical free) deodorant on my feet to soften and exfoliate them, (the same exact stuff he uses on his hands to soften them up after a long day of work). Well he walked in and gave me a look like "what in the world are you doing putting that on your feet!?!?" in turn I immediately got defensive and said "What?!?!" and gave him the same horrifying look. A small bantering back and forth ensued and he left me to my foot softening scrub. Immediately, I was amazed at myself and regretting how quickly I had jumped back into that die hard habit of bad self defeating/world defeating behavior. (Which I am proud to say is a fraction of what it used to be!) And how I knew that if I would have just stated to him what I was doing, and that what his look said to me hurt, we could have saved ourselves some stress. Well, I finished getting myself ready, while wallowing in my shame, wondering what the heck I was thinking! A few minutes later he came in to brush his teeth and said "Sorry Hon". Without hesitation, I told him "I'm sorry too" and gave him a kiss. That my friends is growth. Moving from a mistake to a miracle. And yes it is a miracle in this world today, because how many people can have an instance like that last for 5-10 minutes vs days. (2-4 days was our old way of living.)

Another transformation has been with our children, there used to be daily, no wait, hourly screaming matches when Alexa got home from school. Now we get a day or two in there without them. Mason too has changed, like last night he stated to his father that "Meditation works Dad, it helps your heart and everything." So they worked out for a bit then meditated together. Not to mention the good habit my kids have gotten into about doing chores. To go from telling our neighbor "We never have chores", (Which provoked them getting chores!) to doing them on a semi-regular basis. Don't get me wrong we still have our fair share of dysfunctions, Alexa doesn't want to hang with the family, while Mason is getting in fights at school. But from what I have learned from my listening to audio books and studying the dimensions of our Universe, I am moving toward a better life and I am so much happier. And isn't that what we are here for? Moving toward what feels good and makes us happy.

So my whole reasoning for writing this post today is the fact that I have been "feeling bad" about posting what I post all the time on Facebook. Well, I have a friend who has her own blog (which inevitably makes me cry every single time I read it!) and she mentioned one of my Facebook shares on her post today. Which of course made me cry again, and made me realize maybe, just maybe my efforts aren't so futile. If I can help one person have a single moment in their life that is better than it would have been without my effort, maybe I have done some good in the world today.

Thank you Rach, for today's Inspiration! I Love It!!

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  1. I don't always read everything you post on Facebook, but everything I do read is very thought provoking, and always inspirational!! I love your blog, keep sharing!!!!! You have a great way a putting your thoughts to pen. I love it!!!! And thank you for being so loyal in reading mine!!!!!!!