Thursday, January 31, 2013

Swansational Shift in Perception

Swansational Shift in Perseption!

Derick and I took our annual snowshoe trip along the Snake River last Sunday and as usual we were amazed at the wildlife we encountered. Let me just give you a small run down on what we have seen the past few years on this hike. Hmmmmm, first of all upwards of 75 deer (muleys) in one group and several groups several times, white tale deer, turkeys, vultures (8-10 we thought they were going to eat our dog they were so big), moose, rabbit, and every single time we go we see the same two bald eagles in the same tree, and this time we saw over 200 swans along with many geese and ducks. We have been going here for about 4-5 years and we are yet to be disappointed with the wildlife.

As we were hiking along last weekend (hiking is my favorite reflection time, and I get my greatest insights while hiking) I was struggling through the snow, my feet slipping at every step, my muscles sore and tired, and I remembered a technique I have used in the past. If I can deliberately place each foot with each step my breathing improves, the steps aren't so difficult to take, and I inevitably go faster. This is another one of those great metaphors for life. If you can take each step in life with intention, that is KNOW what you want, life tends to fall right in line with you and carry you along.

Here is an example, say you are driving around town, running errands and you are in a parking lot waiting in line for traffic to get onto the main road. In front of you are two cars and there is also a car waiting to get in line to your left. Do you let that person in? Remember it's taking forever for the people in front of you to be able to go. Well this exact instance happened to me, and I intended to be a kind driver and let the person in. Amazingly after waiting 5 minutes for car #1 to get out, then letting the guy to my left in, my wait was over. Everyone was able to get out onto the road within 15 seconds. Now, did my intention make that happen, or was it just by chance? You can make that choice for yourself.

What I do know is that when I am putting out good things, good things happen. When I am discouraged bad things happen. Like while hiking if I focus on the slipping of my feet and the aching of my muscles, I get more and more tired. If I focus on each step and intend it to be solid and firm, my whole experience shifts to one of satisfaction and joy.

I Love this life and what I am learning, I Love growing older and becoming the person I am meant to be. I am understanding who I am more and more, and getting more comfortable in my own skin. I am learning to follow my instincts and intuitions while at the same time turning all those experiences into great lessons for life.  This is when I am truly happy! Thanks for hangin, have a WonderFilled Day!

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