Thursday, March 20, 2014

Oh Gossip..

Oh Gossip, 

How you grip me and take me away.

It has come to my attention lately that I am enamored by gossip. There is a scenario going on within a group of friends of mine that is Very Intriguing! I find myself eager for information at each new event that comes along as though it is good. But people's lifes have been ripped into oblivion. People have lost jobs, children have been picked on, and grown adults have created all of this! It is actually Terrifying to hear that a grown person can lie, cheat, and steal their way through life without caring about the people and children they are affecting. Now maybe you understand why I feel at least "some" amusement in hearing and learning about what is going on. I find myself wanting more. Maybe it is because I believe the people who are being mean are possibly going to get it in the end, because I DO NOT like the idea of children being bullied by adults! Maybe it is that I believe "Good will always prevail", I'm not sure. What I do know is the adults who are, as we believe, on the good and correct side of this situation are hammering away at eliminating these mean adults so they can help the other adults and children who have had the misfortune to be placed in this horrible situation.

I sit and question myself though, why does this pull me in? What about it gives me some form of satisfaction? And how do I react to this situation, without making it worse??  I have a lot of passion towards the rights of people, the fair and just treatment of people, and a lot of anger at how these people are being treated. I understand also that putting my anger into the situation will not help anyone, but how can I help?

Another situation I found myself in the other day was some friends chatting in a circle. I heard one say "and she was at my house for an hour and a half". While another person stated, "yea, she can talk forever and you can't get rid of her". I found out who it was and immediately stated "and all she talks about is herself" without even thinking. Within myself at that moment, I stopped! Looked at each of the girls, knew what I was saying was NOT doing any of us any good, and then immediately said, "but I really Love her she is a good person". But I was that second too late!! I really do Love this person, but I had gotten hooked into the drama and contributed.... shameful!! I was glad that I was able to stop myself and stand back almost immediately from the situation and think then regroup. It did bring the conversation to a halt and we all went on to something different, but the damage was done by all of us.

Why is it that when situations come up like this that you get "Pulled" into them. I did not even think before I blurted out "yea and all she does is talk about herself!" It is very difficult not to get hooked into gossipy conversations, AND once you are in, each person feeds off of the others, which can result in an hour long gossip session that is really doing NO ONE any good! While hurting EVERY SINGLE PERSON INVOLVED!

I honestly have zero answers on how to stop gossip, the only thing I know right now is that we need to be conscious of what is going on around us. We need to Notice when we get hooked into these situations. Then we have to make a choice in that moment to Not get pulled in. I posted a picture on Facebook today

I guess if we pay attention we will Realize that we don't have to be a part of gossip. Ultimately why it feels good is because we are making someone else wrong and ourselves right. Taking someone down to lift ourselves up. What if?? What If?!? We lifted each other up and believed that whatever "thing" that is happening to or whatever "thing" someone said is just it. Just plain ole the way it IS! Does it really matter? What if?? We stopped fighting and started enjoying, living, loving, and LIFTING each other?


  1. Awesome subject, Janece! The rule of thumb I live by when talking about someone else is, "Would I say this if this person could hear what I'm saying about them?" If I would say it to their face, then I see nothing wrong with saying it when they can't hear me. If I would never say it to someone's face, then there's probably a reason for that and it's best to not say it at all.
    Keep up the great work!