Saturday, October 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Mason!

I am shocked and amazed at how time grabs you and takes you on a ride, and when you wake up.... you struggle to remember what has happened. Sometimes the past can be a bit blurry and dreamlike. 

I haven't posted a blog in MONTH's, I don't know if it is because of my father passing away, or if I am just cranky, but I have shut EVERYONE out of my life! I have struggled to regain Heart, Spirit, Love, Compassion, friendship, etc. I could feel it in there, but to release it has been maybe too painful? So today I am forcing my "Heart" out of it's box! It is TIME to release it and let the Love flow.

And what better reason than a Birthday!! 

I am so amazed daily to look at my son and see what he is becoming! Every Single Day he grabs me by the heart strings and tugs at them. If it is making up silly different kinds of kisses to say goodnight (giant troll kisses, fireman kisses, I bet you wanna know what they are, don't ya), tucking me into bed when I have a migraine and go to bed before him, or asking still, at 8 for a good night lullaby. The same one that we've been singing since he was a baby and now he personally knows one of his angel friends guarding over him.
What a blessing!

The other day he told Derick and I about a new kid that has came into his class. He told us how the boy was being mean and saying rude comments to him about his family as they were standing in line. Then the boy decided to punch Mason in the shoulder. Mason told him "that didn't hurt"; so the boy punched him again; Mason stated "That didn't hurt, stop it!" Well I guess this happened several times, until a teacher noticed and came to check on them. They each told her their stories and the new boy was sent to the principals office, while Mason was sent to class. The amazing thing about this story is a year ago our boy would NOT have just told the kid to "stop it!", he would've tackled the kid to the ground and pummeled him and been sent to the principal's office as well. 
We told Mason how proud we were of him and his ability to keep level headed and speak up for himself. He handled that tough situation Perfectly!
Now to work on keeping that level head with his sister!

Here is one more fun and delightful story about Mason that will also make you smile and let you know what Fun this kid brings into our lives:
The other day while I was switching the laundry, Mason was in the living room getting his soccer gear on and started hollering at me. 
Here is what happened:

Mason: Mom, Mom, Mom, MOM!!! Watch this!
Me: Yes Mason.
Mason: (Making clicking noises with his tongue with each step of tying his shoe.)
Me: Wow, dude where did you learn to do that?? (Spoken excitedly and with great exaggeration.)
Mason: Oh, just some lady.
Me: Yeah! What lady?? (Thinking he was going to say "oh my teacher")
Mason: Some lady named JANECE! 

See what I mean about the kid pulling at your heart strings, and he does it without even knowing. 
His heart is in such a place that he doesn't realize that he is Loving, he IS just what God gave him.

How many times do we shut out our God given Love? We are trained from an early age to
Edge God Out (EGO),
what a wonderful example to me of Love and Heart and Kindness.
Happy Birthday Mason! I am blessed to have you in my Home, in my Heart,
and on this Earth in this Fabulous Family!!
I Love you to the Moon and Back!

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